The Complementary & Alternative Medicine for Mental Health Conditions program compiles assessments of the CAM treatments most examined, suggested and used for mental health conditions, based on the ten main sources. Adams sold the software company in 2003 and launched Natural Information (then ). Natural News went on to become the internet's most trafficked natural health information website, reaching an incredible number of unique readers every month. Mike Adams lived in Taiwan for just two years and is also practically fluent in spoken Mandarin. Adams was also a resident of Ecuador for two years, from 2008 - 2010, where he built a 20-acre food forest containing over 100 food-producing trees. He talks conversational Spanish.

This is merely the latest exemplory case of research spin” where two different groupings can interpret the very same scientific study in opposite ways, producing conflicting results that confuse the public. In addition, it unveils how certain pharma-connected publishers such as JAMA work tirelessly to smear the trustworthiness of nutrients for preventing disease (in order to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, of course).

A number of different sources up to date this paper. First of all, it pulls on the work of eminent scholars in the field of CAM to acquire insights into its meaning and core worth. Secondly, selective clinical tests of the prevalence of CAM are widely-used, drawing specifically on the most recent organized review 14 The review was performed by members of the Western research network for complementary and alternative medication, CAM brella ( ), established under the European Union's Seventh Construction Programme. The group comprised 16 partner companies from 12 Europe and focused on educational research into, but not the advocacy for, any CAM treatment. The 3rd source uses two clinical tests which the writer either led or was a co-investigator; these are being used as circumstance studies to demonstrate the impressive potential of roots natural medicine

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Current information articles about procedures including medical, pharmaceutical, and ‘other' treatments and diagnostic testing were determined by daily internet site searches by a research assistant. Qualified articles were delivered to reviewers matching article content with reviewer knowledge. Two trained reviewers evaluated each article. All reviewers and their credentials are listed on the site ( ). Generally each article was reviewed by one non-physician, health-based academic and one medical practitioner. The results of inter-reviewer agreement scores are reported elsewhere 30 and were moderate to